Monsters Inside Your Bed
By admin   |   0 comment   |   October 27, 2012
A decade ago, Americans thought of bedbugs as some sort of mythical boogeyman, used to scare children. High-powered pesticides had nearly wiped out the parasitic blood-suckers. But bedbugs have been making a comeback. Reported bedbug infestations have risen 500% in the last ten years. And it's not just the slums or motels facing this problem. International, five-star hotels and Tuscan-inspired mansions alike are in danger of housing the itchy, bitey critters. They've shut down theaters, clothiers and other businesses too. Bedbugs could be anywhere.

They're parasites, feeding on warm-blooded animals. And they're very small. An infant bedbug is difficult to see with the naked eye. Adults vary in size based on how they feed. An adult can grow as big as a dime, bloated and red from its bloody meal. Nocturnal insects, bedbugs avoid light and tend to be most active in the dead of night. They often go unnoticed until after their infestation has fully matured.

The traditional way of dealing with bedbugs is with the same kind of pesticides that nearly drove the species to extinction. But those can be just as harmful to people as they are to bugs, not to mention the damage they can do to your home and your pocketbook. Bedbug exterminators can be very quite expensive.

But we've advanced well beyond that point. New technology has given us a way to eliminate bedbugs effectively without breaking the bank. Bedroom Guardian is drastically more affordable. It emits none of the foul odors and requires little more than opening the device and putting it in a recommended area

Bedroom Guardian stands up under intense scrutiny as one of the top bedbug defense products on the market. Not only is it affordable, but it comes with excellent customer service.

Bedbugs are rapidly becoming the most dangerous and prominent pests threatening the American home. Bedroom Guardian is our recommended defense against that threat.

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