If you haven't already heard, stores across the country have been barraged from customers seeking Bedroom Guardian- a revolutionary new device used to prevent Bed Bugs from crawling into your home or even worse, your bed! Just recently, a celebrity doctor warned its watchers that bed bugs have grown over 500% in the last year alone, with no signs of slowing.


Indeed, the phone has been ringing off the hook at exterminators offices, as these bugs find their way into thousands more homes every single day.


One local exterminator says, "It's just crazy with the amount of calls, customers coming in, and the amount of trouble these nasty blood-sucking parasites can cause. I mean, it's a big deal." Even stores that don't typically stock the product are taking note. Healthy Home Market Consultant Joy Fanning says, "So many people have come swarming in we've had to take special orders." The Healthy Home Markets have fielded lines and placed more than 200 orders for the prevention device.

How Bedroom Guardian Can Protect YOU:


As one doctor explains, bed bugs don't care if your rich or poor, where you live or what you look like. Reports of serious bed bug infestations have shown up at 5 star hotels, apartment complexes, airports, and even office buildings.



Bedroom Guardian works to prevent bed bugs from ever entering your home by using a device that has been clinically proven to repel bed bugs away from your bed, allowing you peace of mind knowing you will never be sharing your bed with these pests.


Not only is Bedroom Guardian guaranteed effective, it is also 100% safe for use around children and pets. Most other bed bug products involve harsh chemicals, and once an infestation occurs, it can cost a family hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get rid of them.


Bedroom Guardian is quickly becoming the "Go To" Bed Bug prevention method.




Bedroom Guardian, America's Answer to a Serious Problem:


Bed bugs are tiny insects that rely on the blood of humans or animals to survive. As babies, they are tiny as pinheads. A full-grown adult that's been making a nightly meal of you can balloon to the size of Lincoln's head on the penny. These little parasites are nocturnal and hate light, so they wait until the dark to creep out for their meals, which is why it can take so long to discover you've been sharing your home with them.


For too long a time, there were only a few solutions for this growing problem. Most people use pesticides or call exterminators, but those can give negative health effects and are usually costly.


Finally, an innovative device is offering stunning results. Trademarked under the name, Bedroom Guardian, this safe and effective home device prevents bed bugs from climbing up into YOUR bed. All without odor, negative health effects, and is easy to use.

Bedroom Guardian Protects YOU from Bed Bugs:


After researching and testing hundreds of Bed Bug prevention products, Better Households chose Bedroom Guardian as the preferred pick. Not only was it the simplest to use, but it had the most studies conducted and research showing that it really works. We chose Bedroom Guardian because:


  • Clinically Proven Effective
  • Pet & Children Friendly
  • No Setup, Easy to Use
  • Begins working instantly
  • Can be used for travel
  • Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee



Like us, you might have never thought you could be the next meal for these pests, but based on recent research cases of bed bugs are only getting worse, and it is important to protect your home now before it is too late.


Bedroom Guardian offers a 100% risk-free trial of the product, don't like it? That's fine! Send it back. With each and every order of Bedroom Guardian you are guaranteed to get a more peaceful, worry-free nights sleep. Use our links below to take advantage of this limited offer.

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